Saturday, June 21, 2014

"My Life Among the Apes" on the Globe and Mail Bestseller list

I was a little surprised to take a sip of coffee, open my Globe and Mail, and see that "My Life Among the Apes" was number 6 on the fiction bestseller list (right above Clive Cussler and a Robert Ludlum "Bourne" book). I was even more surprised to see it as number 1 on the Canadian Fiction list (in much better company--Joseph Boyden, Tom Rachman, Miriam Toews, etc.) And now back to my coffee.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Walk Kensington Market with me on Sunday, June 15 (and get discounted tickets!)

As part of the Luminato Festival, I'll be leading a personal literary walk of Kensington Market. I'll be talking about my own family beginnings in Toronto and the places in the neighbourhood that have appeared in and influenced my novels and children's books. The market is a great place to be on Sunday and I'd love you to join me. It should be a good time. ***With the day almost here, discount tickets are available. My understanding is that you quote the word "middlespace" online to get a $10 discount or you can phone and say the word. Here's the link for information and tickets: