Thursday, August 5, 2010

CBC Childrens' Book Panel

I always look forward to CBC Radio's childrens' book panel--that is, when I manage to catch it. Well, I missed the one in June where Michelle Landsberg and Ken Setterington chose their favourite books for this summer's reading. Ken put no less than two of my books on his list of five: 'The Big Swim' and the forthcoming picture book, 'Book of Big Brothers.' I suppose it isn't my place to say that Ken has impeccable taste.

You can see all the picks at:

While we're at it, I owe Michelle Landsberg thanks for introducing me to the late Grace Paley at Harbourfront several years ago. Afterwards, I ran into Grace a few times and became rather chummy with her, as she no doubt was with just about everyone. Kind of felt like talking to my bubby--that is, my grandmother. I've been re-reading her great short stories lately and I'm glad to have a chance to mention them.

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