Thursday, December 6, 2012

Announcing the launch of my own imprint, Big Wheel, and some new ebooks

For some time I have wanted to bring back into print several of my earlier titles. Two of them were published by houses that went bankrupt, something that happens all too often in Canadian publishing. Others have simply gone out of print. A couple of publishers wanted to pick them up but other pressing financial crises swept those plans away. And so after much hemming and hawing I have finally taken the plunge. My own publishing operation, Big Wheel, has just released three ebooks--two novels and a book of stories that have been among my best reviewed titles. And the good thing is that I am able to offer them for a mere $4.99 each, half or a third of what they would usually cost. The books are available on all readers so if you're looking for a good book (can I say that about my own work?) at a good price, fire up your Kindles, your Kobos, your Nooks, your ipads, and your laptaps

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