Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life...from the bottom of a hole

Danny is the practical one in his family, the kid who--or so everyone says--lacks the creative talent of his parents and brothers. One day he comes home to discover that his parents have sold the house, given away the dog, and are planning to fulfill their dreams by living in different places (his father to become an opera singer in New York City, his mother to bake cheesecakes in Banff). His response? To run. Angry Danny runs out of the house, down the block, and keeps going until he crosses a construction site and falls into a very deep hole. Waiting to be rescued, Danny discovers his survival skills and makes a very unlikely friend...." Danny, Who Fell in a Hole," the new novel, will be published in April. Here are some early reviews: "[A] funny and sweet tale about learning to embrace change and appreciating what one has." --Publishers' Weekly. "A quirky existential adventure for thoughtful readers." --Kirkus Reviews. **** [four stars] "A thoroughly engrossing short tale, this book is typical Fagan: fantastical yet familiar, timeless, and with just the right touch of sentiment and seriousness. A great read-aloud tale." --CM Magazine.

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