Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recent short story publications

For those who like their fiction short, Cary has published a number of stories in journals recently. He is working towards his third story collection but his first in fifteen years (not counting a reprint).

"The Floating Wife" was published in The Antigonish Review, issue #147. It is a story that draws on his long-time interest in conjuring (that is, magicians). It is available online at:

"Berlin" was published in Grain, Vol. 35, Number 4 (spring 2008). It was inspired by a visit to that city that Cary made to visit his partner, Rebecca, who was living there for several months.

"I'm Not Italian" was published in The Dalhousie Review, 88.1 (Spring 2008). It was written in one sitting in a cafe in Spoleto several years ago. On that same trip, Cary visited the fountains of Rome that would appear in his kids' novel, The Fortress of Kaspar Snit.

"Shit Box" was published in Taddle Creek, Vol.X No.2 (Summer 2007). It reflects Cary's interest in music these last years; instruments seem to pop up in a lot of his fiction these days. It was a finalist in the National Magazine Awards. The story can be found online at:

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