Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new cover for "Valentine's Fall"

A while ago I posted the cover of my upcoming novel, "Valentine's Fall." A short time ago the publishers discovered that another book with an uncannily similar cover had recently been published--a non-fiction book about a tragic event. A quick decision was made to come up with a new cover.

And so the new one is currently being designed. Marc at Cormorant Books has been kind enough to bring me into the process and it's something of a four-way discussion between us, the designer, and the illustrator brought on board. (But Marc has to act as go-between, mediator, and the-buck-stops-here ultimate decision maker.) It's an exciting and slightly scary process, and the new cover will look radically different. But I like the idea of taking a risk and coming up with something fresh and appealing.

But then you'll have to be the judge.

Stay tuned.

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