Monday, February 8, 2010

In the middle of winter, a taste of summer (camp)

April fool's day is the official publication date of 'The Big Swim,' a short kids' novel about a boy nicknamed "Pinky", his first camp experience, the arrival of a 'bad' kid, a girl named Amber Levine, and the infamous Big Swim. Since it is now listed on and I figure I can get away with this rather early notice. Mostly it's an excuse to post the great cover, designed by Michael Solomon of Groundwood Books. I think the cover perfectly captures the book's spirit of humour, adventure, but also its darker side.

I wrote the first draft immediately after the first draft of "The Fortress of Kasper Snit" quite a few years ago. Three Snit books and several others have made it to publication first. Some stories just want to take their time.

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