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Friday, October 5, 2012

Pulling some reviews out of the hat

Here are some early reviews of the new picture book, "Mr. Zinger's Hat." * "'Mr. Zinger's Hat' is a wonderful story about the shared process of creating. The illustrations by Dusan Petricic are beautiful and expressive. Four Stars." --CM Magazine. *"The magic of discovering a story from within--within a hat, within a heart, within one's imagination--is extraordinarily fulfilling. Inspiring." --Canlit for Little Canadians. *"Here is a magical children's book that will stir the imagination of young readers anywhere in the world. Delightful." --"Spirituality & Practice". *"I love this story. I love the encouragement of imagining, of sharing the wonder of stories, and creating your own. It's just a lovely, lovely thing." --"UrbanMoms.com

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