Thursday, February 6, 2014

And now, to conclude our story: "The Show to End All Shows"

"The Boy in the Box," Book one of "Master Melville's Medicine Show," was published way back in 2012. At last the sequel and conclusion, "The Show to End All Shows," is being released. *** Here's what's going on: "Sullivan is still trapped with the Melville's Medicine Show, along with Esmeralda, Clarence, and Frederick, travelling around the country. But his family has not given up hope, and Jinny and Manny are soon back on the road, picking up the trail of the mysterious caravan..." *** To be released near the end of February, the novel is available for pre-order now. And for those who haven't read the first, the paperback is being released as well. (The last couple of pages of the paper back are a little different from the hardcover, by the way. I restored the end to my original version, which I prefer to the revision that was originally published. However, if you've read the hardcover, don't worry. The difference is more a matter of tone; the events are the same.)

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Anonymous said...

The conclusion. So not a trilogy. If you have the older book with changed ending, which we do, it's a collector's item. :)