Sunday, March 6, 2011

That plucky banjo--in person

"Banjo of Destiny" is just out and the first reviews are definitely making me want to take out the ol' five string and play a reel or two.

"CM magazine"
4 stars (out of 4). "'Banjo of Destiny' will inspire any budding musician, and its story of a boy coming to terms with his inner dork will appeal to all...This sweet, quirky little book hits all the right notes. Highly recommended."

"Kirkus Reviews"
"A low-key charmer."

"Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children"
"This bittersweet novel has just the right touch of wit and creativity to watch and keep the attention of young discerning readers. ...will encourage readers to think about what brings true happiness."

The reviews make me hope that kids might really be inspired to discover the pleasure of working hard at something they really want to be good at. There's a lesson I'm still learning.

It seems a good time to offer a photograph of the real banjo that Jeremiah built-- with the author's help, of course. Yes, it really plays. Total cost of materials: about $11.

But enough about me (and Jeremiah). Congratulations to Luc Melanson, whose illustrations for "Big Book of Brothers" have just been nominated for the Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon Award.

And now I'm going to go and play.

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